Match report friendly game May 30, 2021
(Report by Volker Soko)

On Sunday May 30th, 2021 we had a friendly match against Atlético Orihuela

The game ended 3:4 - Unfortunately lost!


Our team had a strong team in the square with some failures (injuries and work). With Atletico you had a strong opponent in front of the chest. A corner in the 13th Min. for our team and stood it at once 1:0 (own goal). Through a lot of work, our team rewarded in the 23rd Min. by Ivan with the 2:0 lead. But Atletico did not give up and scored the connection point for 2:1 in the 32th Min. Through a header in the second half, our team could increase by a counterattack of Mondea in the 56th Min. 3:1. But Atletico was always better in the game and could shorten 3:2. The compensation achieved Atletico in the 77th Min. While our team was still able to earn some good chances, but did not hit the goal. Since the forces could let Atletico could decide the game for themselves with 3:4 in 86th Min.

Conclusion: You do not like to lose, but a team can only work if everyone can pull on a strand and can count on the other.

We would like to thank our team for the outstanding and very fair performance. It is always a pleasure to see this commitment and joy in the game. We look forward to the next games.


Your Amigos en Espana team