Match report friendly game May 23, 2021
(Report by Volker Soko)

On Sunday May 23th, 2021 we had a friendly match against Albatera

The game ended 3:2 - Unfortunately lost!


Albatera versus C.F. de Bassus - Amigos en Espana

C.F. de Bassus - Amigos en Espana was a guest at Albatrea. In this friendly game, coach Volker was able to draw on the full potential, there were 22 players available. The game started very bumpy for our team because some players weren't really doing it yet. Even though you worked out good chances, you didn't reward yourself with a hit. Albatera's goalkeeper also kept his goal clean. A counterattack by Albatera shook our defense, so Albatera took the lead with 1-0 in the 13th minute. The 2-0 was again due to a gross defensive error, they were not able to keep the ball far enough away from the goal. In the 19th minute our team found their way back into the game and Alejandro scored the 2-1 goal in the 23rd minute. In the 2nd half it was a back and forth as the defense pushed too far up Albatera countered in the 58th minute to take a 3-1 lead. Volker replaced a few players and they managed the connection goal in the 87th minute by Lenny to make it 3-2.

We would like to thank our team for the outstanding and very fair performance. It is always a pleasure to see this commitment and joy in the game. We look forward to the next games.


Your Amigos en Espana team