Match report friendly game May 08, 2021
(Report by Volker Soko)

On Sunday May 8th, 2021 we had a friendly match against Orihuela Costa

The game ended 6: 1 - Won!


On May 8th our team played against Orihuela Costa - as always a classic!

Our team is currently suffering from a few failures, but was able to put together a powerful team. Our team put Orihuela under pressure from the start and fought for the ball. Alejandro scored the 1:0 in the 6th minute. Orihuela struggled to get past our defense as our players were always one step faster and our goalkeeper Rodrigues kept everything that came into his penalty area. With a counterattack in the 26th minute, Lenny ran into the ball and matched Victor (Vicky) who made it 2:0. Our team did not let up and had several chances to increase the result, but failed on the crossbar or the post. In the 40 minute Olli wanted to play the ball into the penalty area but hit a player from Orihuela who scored the 3:0 half-time (own goal) lead. After half-time, Orihuela was awarded a penalty in the 49th minute, which the No. 22 player converted to 3:1. Our team got back into the game well and did not let themselves be disturbed, although Orihuela became more aggressive. Ivan increased to 4: 1 in the 54th minute down the line and crossed directly to Joaquin who increased to 5: 1. Hever achieved the final result in the 90th minute to 6: 1.

Conclusion: Today was a very good team effort from start to finish.

We would like to thank our team for the outstanding and very fair performance. It is always a pleasure to see this commitment and joy in the game. We look forward to the next games.


Your Amigos en Espana team