Match reports Friendlies on October 18 and 25.10.2020
(Report by Volker Soko)

On Sunday October 18th, 2020 we had a friendly game against Torrevieja Veterans

The game ended with a 2:1 win!


Our team against amigos Torrevieja on October 18th, our team played a friendly game against Torrevieja. It was a game on eye level and challenged all players from our team with great willingness to run and cooperation. The opponent didn't hide, even took the lead 1:0 and put the team under pressure. But just under pressure, the team managed to equalize and ultimately the deserved win 2:1. The reds went to Leo and Vicky.


On Sunday October 25th, 2020 we had a friendly game against Montesinos

The game ended with a 4:1 win!

On October 25th our team played against Montesinos. The game was based on the field plan on 2 × 35min. set. Our team got into the game very well with a good one-two and counterattack game led our team after 20 minutes. with 3:0. Due to a misunderstanding, Montesinos was able to catch up with the 3:1 break. In the last 10 min. Coach Volker changed some players in other positions to test them in unfamiliar positions. The game ended 4:1 for our team.
Conclusion: The friendly game played up to this point has increased the team to the full satisfaction of the coaching team. With almost always 16 players participating, a good team has come together.

We would like to thank our team for the outstanding and very fair performance. It is always a pleasure to see this commitment and joy in the game. We are looking forward to the next games, the league games start on November 7th, 2020 - dates are on our website.


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